Testimonials from various clients

Parent: CCHS, Groton, 5 years of tutoring

Meg has been far more than a writing tutor to my son. From the beginning, she invested in getting to know him and meet him where his maturity and skills were. He grew as a writer and a responsible young adult by working with her, and we couldn't be more pleased with the outcomes. My daughter is a very different person, but she has built a similarly strong connection and relationship with Meg. It's impossible to quantify the value the comes from having another adult in your child's life who isn't grading him or tracking his athletic statistics, but listening to what he has to say and being a constant. We are fans!

Parent, CCHS, 2 years of tutoring

You helped Larry in two ways. First, you helped him technically. His writing improved, as did his critical reading. Just as important, the work you did with him gave him confidence. This spring, for the first time, HE gave ME a list of books he wants to read during the summer!

SAT score improvement:
Critical Reading: +80 points
Writing: +140 points

Groton School Administrator and parent, 4 years of tutoring

Meg is smart, sensitive and is remarkable at adjusting her work to the particular needs of the student. My daughter came to Meg with a problem that many prior tutors and teachers had been unable to tackle. Although my daughter was an early reader and had always tested as being gifted in the verbal domain, she had gotten to a place where she absolutely could not write. She failed English in the first term of her ninth grade year. Meg's patience and enthusiasm have enabled my daughter to begin expressing herself in writing again. My daughter has earned high grades in the college English and History classes that she has taken as a high school level homeschooler. She will enter a highly selective college (her first choice) in the fall, studying Comparative Literature and Cognitive Science. I can't say enough about how grateful we are to have had Meg in our lives.

Concord Academy Administrator and Parent, 2 years of tutoring

Meg has worked with both my children, students with vastly different learning styles. Meg tailored her approach to maximize their strengths while teaching skills to improve their weaknesses. She was patient as she teased out their thoughts and helped them craft them into their writing. Meg focuses on helping her students to write succinctly with appropriate supporting evidence. Both my children enjoyed working with Meg and credit her for their growth and development as writers.

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