Meg attended public schools in Mequon, Wisconsin, majored in English at Yale, and earned her Master of Arts Degree at Middlebury's Bread Loaf School of English.

After a brief stint as an EMT and a backcountry ranger in Alaska, Meg began her teaching career with 7th and 9th grade English at Harvard-Westlake School in Los Angeles. She earned praise for her innovative curriculum design and her strong collaborative skills and was selected to mentor new faculty. She also advised the school's student newspaper and coached the equestrian team.

After three years, Meg followed her heart back to New England, joining the Middle School English Department at Buckingham, Browne, & Nichols School in Cambridge. She taught study skills, analysis and argument, and writing to 7th and 8th graders. She also advised the yearbook and the student council, and she was appointed coordinator for the Professional Growth and Evaluation Committee with members from all three campuses.

In 2001, Meg left teaching to work in organizational development at Liberty Mutual. In addition to communications, she collaborated with team members on delivery and design of a three-day leadership training program for managers. In individual coaching sessions, she helped them process the feedback from their 360ยบ surveys and apply the data to their own management strategies. She led a needs assessment subgroup to support department reorganization, edited and launched the HR intranet site, and wrote, edited, and presented division-wide communications initiatives.

However worthwhile, that work wasn't nearly as challenging or as fulfilling as teaching teenagers how to write, so Meg began tutoring in the evenings for Concord Academy. The more students she saw, the more she grew intrigued by the potential for individual work to empower students. Tailoring the approach to an individual's learning style and personality proved incredibly effective and rewarding.

When Meg got married to a man from Concord, MA, she returned to the teaching to see how her new perspective would play out in the classroom. BB&N welcomed her back, and she spent three happy years there before taking time off for the birth of her son.

The drive to teach individuals remained strong, though. Meg began tutoring in 2005 as a part-time job while Penn was young. As her schedule filled, the variety of students she worked with grew, and she began to refine her techniques. When Concord Academy invited her to teach 9th grade English part-time in 2011, she accepted, but first made sure she could continue to tutor. Two years at Concord Academy reminded her why she loves students and teachers alike; CA is a wonderful community. Yet, ultimately, tutoring is what she most wanted to pursue. In 2013, she resigned from faculty membership at Concord Academy. Though she now devotes all her professional energy to individualized work with students, she still collaborates closely with her former colleagues at Concord Academy.

In her personal life, Meg loves adventure travel. She has led backpacking trips in the Adirondaks and the Catskills, sea kayaked in the Prince William Sound of Alaska, and backpacked all over New England and in the Wind Rivers of Wyoming. At home, she feels lucky to have time to play cards, read Star Wars books, and generally frolic with her son, Penn and her husband, Bill. She plays acoustic guitar and knits when she finds herself with two minutes to rub together.